New Blogging Opportunity


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Happy Monday! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend. I want to fill you guys in on a new blogging opportunity I received last week, and how I plan to share my upcoming work with you guys!

Last week, I was asked to be a contributing fashion writer for the blog, “What’s Going On In Buffalo.” For those who don’t know, Buffalo is my home city even though I go away to St. Bonaventure for most of the year. Make sure to check out the blog and Facebook page here! The blog is also on Twitter @WGOINBuffalo.

The blog itself is self-explanatory. There are several bloggers who contribute posts regarding the city of Buffalo including: sports, food, jobs, music and art, real estate, and beauty and fashion (my category)! Essentially, I’ll be contributing to the beauty and fashion category on a weekly basis.

You all know how much I love writing about beauty and fashion, so having the chance to write even more posts about what I’m passionate about is a blessing. I plan to tweet out when my stories are posted, so make sure to check out @BlissBrunette for updates on blog posts! Or, you can like this post and I’ll link/create a category for this separate blog for you to easily access the posts.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day and I can’t wait to share a new chapter of beauty and fashion blogging with you all!


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