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As a senior in college, I know that my days of relaxing in yoga pants are coming to an end. With an exciting journey ahead, it’s important to establish a professional wardrobe for internship, job interviews, etc. Here are my five must-haves for professional attire.

1. Black Heels: Madden Girl, $39.95. I’ve owned these shoes for a few years and couldn’t be happier. They’re comfortable to wear all day long and complement any style or outfit. Black heels are a staple when it comes to professional dress.

2. Timeless Bag: Nordstrom, $54. Opt for a tote bag that has plenty of space for your essentials and a little more space for your planner, folder for work materials, etc.

3. Blazer: H&M: $24.95. A blazer doesn’t have to be the most expensive item you own. Although bold-colored blazers are fun upgrade, buying a black blazer will create versatility in your professional wardrobe.

4. Button-down shirt: GAP, $41.99. Make sure your shirt is both comfortable and well-fitting. Button-down shirts are another staple you will need for interviews, meetings, etc. Have different colors available for alternative options.

5. Modest Dress: Nordstrom: $34.80. Last, but not least, find a dress you can wear for any occasion. Weather it’s an interview or drinks after work, purchase a dress that is versatile, modest and comfortable.

Just because you need to add professional items to your wardrobe, doesn’t mean to you need to break your bank account. Take the time to find quality clothes for an affordable price. What are your recommendations for professional attire? Let me know in the comments or tweet me your response @BlissBrunette.

I hope you all enjoy your day and I will talk to you on Friday.

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