Sleep: Why it’s important and how to sleep better

insomniaOne of the most overlooked aspects of health is sleep. Most people would sacrifice a good night of sleep to get more work done or to spend time with friends and family. However, you may not know that sleep is important for your overall health. For you night owls, here are some of the problems you might have from sleepless nights.

1. Weight Gain: Have you noticed that you feel sluggish, bloated or heavier? Your sleep schedule could be the blame.

2. Weak Immune System: Your overall health suffers from lack of sleep. If you find that you have the common cold more than three times a year, try to get some extra Zs.

3. Moodiness: This is obvious. Less sleep means less patience. Regular sleep will make you happier and healthier altogether.

4. Ages Skin: Your skin will suffer from acne, redness and puffiness without a proper night of rest. Always aim for eight or more hours each night.

5. Memory Problems: Struggling in school or at work? Lack of sleep might be to blame for poor memory or less ambition.

Fear not! You can easily get a better night’s rest with a few tips. Here are my top five:

1. Exercise regularly: People who work out regularly are more likely to have a consistent sleep schedule.

2. Stick to a schedule: It takes seven days to adjust to a sleeping pattern. Try to fall asleep by 11 p.m. every night for best results.

3. Avoid eating before bed: Your heart rates increases while digesting food, making it more difficult to sleep. Don’t eat at least two hours prior to falling asleep.

4. Avoid daytime naps: Any nap longer than 20 minutes will make your sleep schedule suffer. The best “power nap” time is 15 to 20 minutes.

5. Watch the temperature:  65 to 70 degrees is the body’s ideal sleeping condition. Any warmer can disturb sleep.

Do you suffer from proper sleep? If not, what are your tips for getting a good night’s rest? Make sure to leave them in the comments below or tweet them to me @BlissBrunette. I hope you all enjoy your weekend and I will talk to you on Monday.

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