How To: Apply makeup if you wear glasses

Tailoring your makeup to complement your glasses can be tricky. You want to have your makeup stand out but not look too dramatic during the day. How do you find a happy medium? I have five tips on what you should focus on if you wear glasses on a regular basis.

Highlight your eyebrows: When you wear glasses, eyebrows are very important because they frame your face. Ability to properly regulate and fill-in your eyebrows can change the look of your face. Make sure to define them without applying too much.

Stick to neutral colors: Less is more for those who wear glasses. It’s best to keep eye makeup simple by applying neutral shades. To emphasize your eyes, apply a darker shade in the crease and blend it out.

Tailor your liner to your frames: When applying eyeliner, consider the shape of your glasses and lenses. Some lenses, for example, are magnifying, which will make whatever eye makeup you choose (including mistakes) even more visible. Eyeliner can be noticeable but subtle.

Brighten your lips: Wear a  bright, bold color on your lips. This will add more drama to your overall makeup look. A bold color will help enhance and complement your glasses.

Add color and definition to your cheeks: Apply a pink blush to the apple of your cheeks. This will add color to a face. Make sure to contour your face as well. Accentuating your high points helps to draw attention away from your glasses. Apply your go-to bronzing powder along your cheekbones.

For the ladies who wear glasses, do you have additional tips to share? Make sure to leave them in the comments or tweet any suggestions to @BlissBrunette. I hope you all enjoy your day and I will talk to you on Wednesday.

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