Achieve your goals stress free

IMG_2736New year’s resolutions can bring an opportunity for positive change whether it’s living a healthier lifestyle or seeking new adventures. Sometimes, we create resolutions without a clear plan for our goals. If we happen to fall short of our intended goals, we feel down and defeated.

I created a list of five ways to fulfill your goals in 2015 with no stress or complicated plans. All it will take is a little ambition, confidence and organization to achieve your goals for the year.

Limits: We all have limits, and it’s important to know what our limitations are. If you know that you don’t have a lot of time to work out regularly, make sure to think ahead and plan when you can go. Keep a spare of gym clothes in your car, so you can go after work. Make the time and everything will fall into place.

Realistic expectations: If you’re a recent college graduate and you want to plan a month-long trip traveling in Europe,  you’re setting yourself up for failure. Having big dreams is fine, but having a plan for your dreams is what helps make them come true. If you have traveling plans or seeking opportunities for adventure, take your money and work schedule into consideration.

 Divide and conquer: If you have thee big goals you want to accomplish, it’s important to create smaller goals that will help you get there. If you want to lose 50 pounds by summer, create checkpoints by committing to lose 10 pounds each month. 10 pounds a month for five months will have you reach your goal. Apply this method of goal-planning for your job, health and fitness or a different area of your life. You notice results without the stress.

Organize: A way to stay on top of your goals, plans, and bucket-list items for 2015 is to be organized in all areas of your life. You’ll find that living an organized life will make you more capable of achieving your goals because organized people are aware of their goals and how to accomplish them. A great to begin organizing is by writing a daily to-do list. You’ll feel a small sense of accomplishment daily, which will increase your ambition to achieve your goals for 2015.

 Review your progress: Take a time each week or month to reflect and review your progress of your goals by writing everything down. If you’re looking to stop swearing, track yourself daily on how many times you swear. When the month is up, review your daily/weekly progress. If you said 15 bad words a day and dropped to two bad words a day, that’s progress. You’re working toward your goal successfully. Now treat yourself and keep it up.

How do you keep track for your goals? Have any additional tips you’d like to add? Make sure to leave a comment below or tweet your ideas to me @BlissBrunette.

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4 thoughts on “Achieve your goals stress free

  1. Great tips! I like using the SMART method for making my goals. I find that when I make goals that are challenging, yet attainable, and smaller steps I can take to achieve my goals. I’m definitely saving this!

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