5 ways to live a more positive life

positive life-BBWe all know someone who seems to have it all together. They are intelligent, ambitious, active, inspiring, caring, and every other adjective in the book. With these qualities comes a secret weapon: positivity.

Positivity will change your life. After two years of actively practicing this lifestyle, I have noticed incredible results in my mood, relationships, ambition, etc. Are you interested in learning tips on how to live this lifestyle? Here are five tips to get you started:

Appreciate what you have. Oftentimes, we have a lot in life that we take for granted like education, clean water, food, health, etc. Appreciating every aspect of your life will better your mood, attitude and outlook. Keep a gratitude journal and write five things you’re grateful for every day. Appreciation is a big step toward living a positive life because you need to focus on what you do have in life rather than think about what you don’t have.

Take action. We all know dreams don’t mean anything without ambition to make your dreams a reality. If you have goals: write them down on a daily basis, and take action toward making those goals happen. Determination to accomplish your goals will lead you toward a positive life.

Be present. Don’t be afraid to spend time alone. You need to be comfortable with yourself enough to be alone. Take time to think, reflect and breathe. Enjoy every present moment you have. A great way to practice “being present” is through yoga or meditation.

Dump the Debbie downers. You will not live a positive, happy life if you’re surround by people who are negative and hateful. If it means losing people you considered “friends,” then it’s worth it. Your happiness means much more than someone who was bringing you down.

Share the love. A good way to reinforce positivity on a daily basis is to share happiness and positivity with others. If you see someone is struggling, take the time to cheer them up. Share your knowledge of positivity and how this outlook is a better choice. Make happiness a choice for yourself and make other people choose happiness.

I hope you find a source of inspiration to make a positive change. Remember to focus on the good, be present, live happy and make others happy. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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8 thoughts on “5 ways to live a more positive life

    • Thank you for the comment! And, I definitely understand what you mean about having positive people around you. One of the biggest steps I took was getting rid of negative people. Believe me, it’s worth it!

  1. I am such a big fan of spreading the love! I know that genuine compliments here and there and change someone’s day or week for the better. Especially other women – I feel like we have a duty to keep each other inspired! Like a sisterhood of sorts, if that makes sense.

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