Color trends for spring 2015

PantoneColorsWhen the Pantone Color Institute released the fashion color report for spring 2015, I couldn’t help but feel excited. Although we have a few weeks left of winter, my mind is already on spring. I wanted to include what colors from the list I’m hoping to add to my closet this season.

If you’re interested in refreshing, cool tones and nature-inspired, warm tones, you’ll love the colors selected from the Pantone Color Institute. You can view all of the trends, including ones I didn’t mention, by clicking the link here.

Lucite Green: Mint was a popular color last season, but it will have competition with Lucite green. This color has a unique, fresh twist on mint green. I would love to wear this color for a dress for spring and summer.

Strawberry Ice: With an equal mix of cool and warm tones, this color is ideal for spring and summer. Strawberry ice is both subtle and charming. If pink isn’t your favorite color, you can still incorporate this hue in your wardrobe with accessories.

Glacier Gray: Let’s be honest, Glacier Gray will be the new black. And what’s not to love about this neutral? It’s equally timeless yet rejuvenating for your wardrobe. You can easily pair this color with other colors in your closet.

Aquamarine: The lead color for spring 2015 is aquamarine. We all love the effortlessness of beach-like colors, which makes aquamarine the go-to hue for fashion this season. You’ll have thoughts of your favorite beach while wearing this shade.

Scuba Blue: Neon colors are a thing of the past. You can look forward to a new pop of color this season: Scuba Blue. If you love energizing colors in your wardrobe, pick up a scuba blue top or scarf to add excitement to your look.

Marsala: This is the color everyone is talking about. Whether you wear this shade in clothing, accessories or makeup, marsala is a universal color. This shade includes warm hues to bring out your inner earth-lover, while adding hues that make the color slightly sophisticated.

What color trend are you excited for? Make sure to leave a comment below or tweet your responses to @BlissBrunette.

*Photos originally from Pantone Color Institute*

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14 thoughts on “Color trends for spring 2015

  1. Auqamarine, yay! That’s my birthstone so I have some jewelry with that stone. I’ve been very interested in Marsala since I bought a sweater in that color just before Christmas and then found out it was the color of the year.

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