Five fashion essentials for a lazy day


We all have those days where we have no motivation to put on makeup and wear a cute outfit in public. Everyone needs a lazy day in the week, which is why I have complied my go-to items in my closet that I wear on lazy days. What’s great about these essentials is that you’ll look put together and polished without minimal effort. Like this post if you’re interested in reading five beauty essentials for a lazy day!

Here are my five essentials for adding the bliss back into your lazy day outfit:


I don’t wash my hair everyday, so I wear hats and beanies on the days I don’t want to do my hair. It will save you an extra 15 minutes in the morning, and you don’t have to wear your hair in a bun for the fourth day in a row.


If you don’t already own leggings (let’s be real, you do) you should invest in a pair (or five). I always layer pieces when I’m having a lazy day because I feel comfortable and presentable without putting a lot of effort in my outfit.

Comfy sweaters

The holy grail piece for a lazy day outfit. Find big, comfy cardigans or pullover sweaters that you can wear on a lazy day. A comfy sweater is a simple item that will make you feel better about not putting time in getting ready.

Button-down, chambray tops

If you’re out running errands, or have a meeting, chambray tops are the perfect option for a lazy day. They’re comfortable, they flatter different body types, and they are versatile with a variety of outfits. It’s easy to mix this piece in your wardrobe.

Ankle boots

I love the versatility of ankle boots because they look well with leggings, jeans or skirts. If you’re having a lazy day and need a pair of shoes that will dress up your look, ankle boots are a great option. Opt of a pair in a neutral color, so they will complement any outfit.

What are your fashion essentials for a lazy day? Make sure to leave a comment below, or tweet me @BlissBrunette.

Links for products: Beanie: $16.95 from Pac Sun; Leggings: $19.90 from Forever 21; Sweater:$43.90 from Nordstrom; Chambray top: $29.95 from GAP; Ankle boots: $44.99 from Lord and Taylor.

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13 thoughts on “Five fashion essentials for a lazy day

  1. Haha I am writing this while wearing my leggings and sweater. Another tip for non daily hair washes…dry shampoo! It’s a holy grail. I can feel semi clean without having to full on wash and dry my hair.

  2. I need more beanies in my life. I really want to start wearing them more. And leggings are my favorite things ever. I’ve been trying to add more fleece leggings to my collection. And comfy sweaters are everything.

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