3 ways to save time in your morning routine

Three ways to save time in your morning routineWe have all been there, you hit snooze several times on a day-to-day basis and leave yourself with twenty minutes before your first class. It’s not fun. Luckily, I’m sharing my top three tips on how to save time in your morning routine. You’ll find bliss in the morning with these simple tricks:

Organize your closet

You’d be surprised how much time you waste in the morning sorting through drawers and closet space with no clear direction of what you’re looking for. If you take the time to organize your clothes and accessories, you’ll save yourself time in the morning.

Check the weather

It takes a few seconds out of your time to check the weather. Check the weather for the week so you’ll have an idea of what outfits you can prepare in advanced. You won’t have to worry about planning an outfit around a rainy day or snowstorm.

Prepare the night before

Most people advise others to pick out their outfit for the following day. However, many people don’t take this advice. You’ll save time in the morning if you have everything picked out from your outfit, shoes and accessories.

How do you save time getting ready in the morning? Make sure to leave a comment with your suggestions below, or tweet your tips to @BlissBrunette.

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17 thoughts on “3 ways to save time in your morning routine

  1. I used to work really early in the morning, and preparing the night before was the #1 thing that helped me save time in the morning! Plus, I just can’t think or make decisions that early in the morning. It takes just a few minutes to choose an outfit at night and pack anything else you will need that day. Then you can sleep a few extra minutes and get ready even though you are half-awake!

  2. Man the first piece of advice about organizing your closet is seriously SO HUGE. I hate when I’m rushing around and take so much time to get an outfit together. Another thing I do is plan my meals the night before and either place them together in the fridge or pack them in my bag for the next day. Any overall prepping you can do the night before helps. I’m talking even just putting your shoes out haha. Thanks for the post! A great reminder for the week to come 🙂

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