Beauty Basics: Should You Use a Toner

BB3215Everyone wants to achieve that flawless, model glow similar to Miranda Kerr. But, how do you know what products to buy? A product that has been talked about is a toner. But, what is a toner and how do you know if you should use one?

First, a toner is applied after cleansing your skin to remove any remaining impurities and residue left on your skin. It also helps to restore the natural balance of your skin. Although this sounds like a great product, it can leave your skin very dry because of a high alcohol content. This is great news for people who have acne-prone or oily skin. But, it’s important to know (for those with other skin types) that toners strip your skin of any oils on your skin (even good oils). But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use this product altogether.

People who have naturally oily skin will always benefit from a toner in their beauty routine. However, for those who don’t have oily skin, you can still use this product if you know your skin type. It’s important to know this so that you can use an effective treatment.

Here are some great toners based on your skin type:

bb3215-2From left to right: Clarins Lotion Tonique ($24); Bosica Clear Completion Tonic ($24);  Murad Clarifying Toner ($22); Clearogen Clarifying Toner ($28). All above products can be found at Sephora.

1. Normal to dry skin:

If you have normal or dry skin, you want to find an alcohol-free toner that will soothe and moisturize it. Your skin feeling refreshed as it restores its natural pH balance.

2. Combination skin:

With combination skin, you want to purify your pores without any harsh irritations. This toner is preservative-free and will leave your skin clean, clear, and free of shine without drying it out.

3. Oily skin:

This formula features witch hazel to control oil and tighten pores. It also contains grape seed extract and vitamin E to protect skin from any damaging.

4. Acne-prone skin:

You want to have a toner that is enriched with salicylic acid to kill bacteria, regulate oil production, and clear blemishes. It will dry out your imperfections without damaging your skin.

Do you have a beauty item you want to learn more about? Leave a comment with any suggestions, and I’ll write it in my next Beauty Basics post.

If you use a toner in your beauty routine, leave a comment below with the brand of the product or tweet me @BlissBrunette.

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8 thoughts on “Beauty Basics: Should You Use a Toner

  1. great advice! I was advised to use the algae toner from Body shop due to my excessively dry skin, although I’m definitely attributing it to my terribly dry air here at school!

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