Fashion Wish List: Under $30

bb3415Although it’s still snowing in Western New York, warmer weather  is just around the corner. “Warm weather” for WNY is 35 degrees, but that’s still VERY exciting considering it has been consistently below zero for the last three weeks.

With a new month ahead, I can’t help but feel excited for spring trends and bold colors, which is why I decided to share some inexpensive fashion items I’m hoping to add to my closet this month. New clothes and trends will easily add a little bit of bliss to your life as you daydream of warmer weather. Here are four trends/items on my fashion wish list:


I was skeptical about this trend, but after seeing a student wearing one, I knew I needed a jumpsuit in my life. It’s a secret weapon because you look dressed up but you’re also wearing a comfortable, loose-fitting outfit. It doesn’t take effort to wear this outfit. Just put on your jumpsuit and cute shoes. Do I need to say more?


I’ve been noticing bold yellow clothing and accessories from different stores in the past few weeks. Yellow is an underrated color, and I’m excited to see how popular this color is for spring. If you don’t want to have a bright yellow dress, opt for a lemon-colored bag. You’ll still show love to this trend without overdoing it.

Green accessories

Who doesn’t think of the color green when March rolls around? Unfortunately, I don’t own a lot of green clothing or accessories. So, one of my goals for this month is to add a little green to my wardrobe. A pair of green flats or a scarf is easy enough to incorporate to your outfits without wearing an all-green outfit.

Statement necklaces

I talk about how much I love statement necklaces, yet I only own two of them. I’m looking to expand of collection of necklaces that can easily wearable throughout spring and summer. I love how a statement necklace can take a plain shirt from boring to beautiful, which is why they are on my wish list.

bb3415-2Products mentioned:  Target ($29.99); Forever 21 ($19.90); Old Navy ($22.94); LOFT ($24.99)

What is on your fashion wish list for this month? Make sure to leave a comment below, or tweet me your list to @BlissBrunette.

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6 thoughts on “Fashion Wish List: Under $30

  1. I like you was really hesitant on jumpsuits for the longest time. Yet, somehow they’ve grown on me! Now I just have to find one that fits me well and fits my budget!

    • I definitely understand budget and fitting! I have found a few that are very reasonable but don’t fit me well. Here’s to good luck with finding an inexpensive, well-fitting jumpsuit! Thanks for the comment!

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