Spring Essentials

BB31815Seeing snow melt is probably my favorite part of March. Knowing that I’ll soon be able to wear skirts, dresses and bright pastels brings a certain bliss I can’t describe. That being said, I thought it was necessary that I’d share my spring essentials. Let’s be honest, we are all curious to know what fashion items other people can’t live without.


I’m not talking about any dress. I’m talking about pastel-colored dresses or dresses with floral patterns. Essentially, any dress that screams “spring is here” is what I’m talking about. I love A-line dresses because they’re comfortable but they look dressy for wearing day-to-day. Who says you can’t get dressed up to go to class?

Open-faced cardigans

Although the weather is warmer, it doesn’t mean you can go all-out and wear sleeveless tops in March and April. You still need comfortable, versatile items to layer with your outfit. I love open-faced cardigans, especially in a neutral color like tan or grey. They’re easy to add with any outfit to stay warm.

Rain boots

I had to be a little practical here with my spring essentials because I live in Western New York. When the snow melts, you need rain boots throughout March and April. I love finding rain boots that can go with any outfit, like these black ones from Target. They’re perfect for the girl who doesn’t want bright-yellow boots (but if that’s your style, more power to you)!

Statement necklaces

I can’t get enough of this accessory. You can immediately change your look with a statement necklace. If you’re wear a plan T-shirt or a button-down shirt, a bold necklace will spice up your outfit. I want to expand my collection of statement necklaces this spring because they’re wearable during every season. What’s not to love about this trend?

Products mentioned: Dress from Kohl’s; Necklace from Jencha; Rain boots from Target; Cardigan from GAP.

What are your spring essentials? Make sure to leave a comment below, or tweet me @BlissBrunette.



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