Make March Your Month: Post 3

BB32015When I talk to people about goals, there is common element that can negatively affect what they want to accomplish. Sometimes, we are focused on past experiences, and we allow them to affect our future goals.

I think talking about this can help you learn about yourself and help you achieve your goals. It will also help you move past previous experiences and focus on the present and future. You’ll gain some bliss as you continue to work toward your goals and create your happiest, healthiest self.

First, why do we look to the past and ask ourselves “What if I did this instead? Or, “Would I be happier if I didn’t do that?”  I used to be the queen of regret and I contemplated my past regularly. We wonder what would happen if we chose a different company to work for or college to attend. In some cases, we don’t feel regret, but we question our previous choices. It’s important not to regret our decisions or allow our past to affect what lies ahead. This can affect your potential goals and happiness.

How do we overlook this problem and live a happy, healthy, regret-free life. In some cases, it’s not that simple because it’s dependent on your situation. However, there are a few universal ways you can solve any regret or contemplation you have about your past.

Reflect with  logic:

At the time of whatever decision you made, you had specific reasons and intentions behind your decision. Over time, you grow and your values, intentions and reasoning will change. But, that doesn’t mean you should regret your past decisions. You should allow your past to help you grow in the future.

Forgive yourself:

If you made a mistake or a decision you aren’t happy about, forgive yourself. Don’t allow your past decision crush your strength in the present. Remember, it’s important to love yourself and grow from past experiences. Forgiving yourself will allow you to accomplish your goals without remorse of the past.

Move on:

Learning and growing from past experiences shouldn’t give you a negative representation of what it to come for your future. Once you reflect and forgive yourself, it’s important to move on. Don’t allow those experiences to affect what you have in store for your future.

We all have those “what if” moments, or experiences where we wish we could go back and change, but your past should not affect your present and future. If you find that you’re being held back from your goals because of your past, try these tips. And remember, your past does not determine your future.

Have you ever experienced regret from a decision that is affecting a current goal? Make sure to leave a comment below sharing your experience.

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21 thoughts on “Make March Your Month: Post 3

  1. SO TRUE…we’re always focusing on the past…and I know personally, a lot on the future. Staying present/”mindful” is so important! We just have to keep reminding ourselves…easier said than done!

    • Thanks for your comment! And yes, I think people beat themselves up for making a decision, but at one time, it’s a decision they wanted. It’s okay if you change your mind down the road.

  2. Love how you provide a step-by-step type of tutorial! So many of us feel the need to carry our past into the future, not realizing how it is and will hurt us. This post is beautifully constructed and I can’t wait to read more of what you have to offer!

    • I truly appreciate the kindness behind your compliment in your comment! I truly appreciate it. And yes, the past can definitely affect our future, so it’s always important to be kind to ourselves.

  3. These are great ways to stay on track! Pretty much everytime I have a difficult math quiz, I reconsider my major, but I have to remind myself of the big reasons that I chose it, so the little things don’t derail me.

  4. Honestly great advice however often times we can forgive everyone besides ourselves. At least in my own experiences I will forgive other people fairly easily but I’m very tough on myself. Also when we live with regret it often times compounds, our initial regret can cause us to make decisions we will regret again thus compounding our regret digging a hole that is hard to get out of. If everyone lived a little more regret free everyone could be a lot happier

    Thanks for the post Kiki


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