3 Tips For Wearing Denim


Denim is a timeless component in one’s wardrobe, but finding the right pair can be frustrating. Denim is something you should always feel comfortable and confident in, which is why I’m sharing my top three tips for buying and wearing denim. You’ll add some bliss to this essential piece of clothing and feel great the next time you’re shopping for jeans.

Consider different washes and styles:

Denim is versatile, which is one of its many positive attributes, but it can be difficult to find a pair that looks great for our body type. With different washes and styles, how do you know which one to choose? Everyone is different with what flatters their body and their preference in a style and wash. Take the time to explore your options. A good rule a thumb is if you’re looking for slimming denim, opt for dark washed and relaxed-fitted. If you’re naturally slim, try light wash denim and different styles.

Consider the shoes you’re wearing with your denim:

Yes, jeans are versatile, but proper footwear to complement your denim is essential to pull your look together. For skinny jeans, pair your favorite knee-high boots; whereas with boot cut, wear your low-heel pumps or ankle boots. It’s important to know what you can mix and match with denim and shoes. This can take your look to the next level if done properly.

 Don’t be afraid to try something new:

We all have the one store we consistently go to for jeans because we know the exact style, wash and size that is perfect for us. Trust me, I am guilty of this, too. We all do it because we want we are comfortable with wearing. But, you might be surprised if you pop into a different store and spend time trying on their jeans. You could find a new favorite style. Also, don’t own one certain style of jeans. It’s important to have variety for denim.

Products mentioned: Straight Jeans from LOFT ($69.50); Barely Boot Jeans from Express ($79.90); Skinny Jeans from GAP ($69.95); Jeggings from Cotton On ($19.95).

What are your tips for finding the perfect pair of denim? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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