Top 5 Trends For Spring

BB3815Products mentioned: Dress from Forever 21 ($24.90); Jacket from Forever 21 ($34.90); Brows photo from; Clutch from Kate Spade ($298); Shoes from DSW ($39.95).

What I love about spring is all the trends available for the upcoming months. I love seeing what’s new in the fashion world, and seeing what I should add to my checklist. You’ll add some bliss to your spring wardrobe with these top 5 picks for spring:

Sleek in silver:

No, I don’t mean silver jewelery. I mean silver tops, skirts and dresses. I love that this trend is popular for spring because it is a neutral color we tend to take for granted. Although it’s strikingly similar its cousin color, gray, silver is a fun way to transform your everyday look.

Colorful coats:

Spring is the season for versatile jackets. You can easily wear denim, leather, military-style, etc. This season is about bold outerwear, so make sure you find a bold-colored or patterned coat that you can wear throughout April and May.

Bold brows:

Okay, so this isn’t fashion-related, but bold brows are definitely in for spring. I needed to include this because I think full brows are beautiful. Before, if you had big brows, you were made fun of. But now you’re seen as glamorous and attractive. So fill in those brows, ladies!

Beautiful bugs:

When I think of bugs being a fashion statement, of course I’m going be somewhat skeptical. If worn appropriately and tastefully, anyone can rock this trend. If you don’t want to wear bees on a top, try incorporating this trend in your accessories with a clutch or bag.

Patterned pumps:

As much as I love classic colored pumps, I’m happy to see that patterns are becoming more frequent with shoes. My two favorites are watercolor-inspired patterns and floral patterns. Spice up a neutral outfit with some bold heels, you’ll thank me, I swear.

What trend are you looking forward to trying for spring? What other trends are you loving right now? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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