5 Fitness Tips You Need In Your Life


Whether you love it or hate it, working out is an essential component for a healthy lifestyle. But fitness shouldn’t be a miserable experience. You should love your fitness routine; but if you don’t, try these 5 tips to get the most out of your next workout. You’ll easily add the bliss back to your routine with these changes that will improve how you work out.

1. Interval training:

Instead of jogging for 20 minutes, try interval training. Sprint as fast as you can for one minute, then jog lightly or walk for one minute. Repeat this cycle for 10 minutes then rest for five. Repeat the 10-minute cycle a second time, and you will have completed an effective cardio workout.

2. Foam rolling:

Traditional stretching is also necessary before and after a workout. Incorporate foam rolling in your cool down after a workout. It’s like a personal massage for your back and legs. You’ll release any tension in your muscles and relax them naturally.

3. Work out outside instead of the elliptical:

Using the elliptical for an hour five times a day is not how you want to work out. Instead, mix up your routine with different workouts outside like hiking, biking, swimming, rowing, etc. Going to the gym is fine, but variety will help you stay on track with working out regularly.

4. Use free weights instead of machines:

Machines are beneficial for building muscle, but free weights allow for more range in motion, which is more effective. Next time you’re looking to tone your arms, reach for free weights. You’ll see results and you won’t have to compete with guys for the machines.

5. Try planks instead of crunches:

Crunches don’t work out your upper and lower abs in addition to your obliques all at the same time. Try a plank for one minute, rest for 30 seconds, then plank again for one minute. Repeat 3 to 5 times. You target your abs in addition to your back, shoulder and butt!

What are some of your favorite fitness tips? Make sure to leave a comment below, or tweet me @BlissBrunette!

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4 thoughts on “5 Fitness Tips You Need In Your Life

  1. Interval training is so important! I’m training for a long run right now, so I only get in one day of interval a week, but it should never be ignored!

    Only other things to say? REST and REFUEL! People so often forget that your body needs to recover or you may do more harm than good!

    • Definitely agree on your tip with resting and refueling your body. I think it’s so important to take time to rest, which is why I’ll work out 3 or 5 days a week, but ALWAYS take the weekends off. Its my time to relax from work, school, working out, etc. So very important! Thanks so much for your comment!

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