5 Tips for Better Skin

BB41315Who doesn’t want to achieve a natural-looking, glowing complexion? It’s a top priority for most women, but what are the secrets for better skin?

The secrets are easier than you think. These five simple, effective tips will leave you with skin your friends will envy. You’ll add some bliss in your daily routine with clearer, brighter skin.

Don’t wear a full face of makeup everyday:

Many people struggle with this because they’re not confident with their skin. Wearing less makeup will clear your skin. Instead of wearing foundation, wear concealer in problem areas. This will allow your skin to breathe. Plan one day a week to wear no makeup.

Use a makeup remover and skin cleanser every night:

Some people are lazy and will use a makeup remover wipe, but won’t cleanse their skin or vice verse. Your nighttime skin routine can make or break how clear your skin is. Always remove your makeup, and follow-up with a cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, etc.

Drink water:

A lot of people don’t realize that they’re not drinking enough water. Not only does this affect your overall health, but also your complexion. Well-hydrated skin helps balance your skin tone, decrease the number of breakouts, etc. Try drinking less soda and juices and more water.

Find breakout causes:

Wash your pillow cases once a week, clean your cell phone regularly and keep your hands off your skin. These are three of the many reasons why people have breakouts. Find what beauty blunder you’re making and correct it. It’ll save your time and money on acne products.

Moisturize twice a day:

Find two moisturizers that you love: one for the morning and one for night. If possible, splurge a little on your products and your skin will thank you. Make sure you apply them religiously on a daily basis. Choose a day moisturizer with SPF in it to protect your skin.

What are your secrets for clearer skin? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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6 thoughts on “5 Tips for Better Skin

    • My friend had this problem with remembering, so I told her to set an alarm on her phone and title it “Moisturize” around the time she would get ready. Then, while getting ready, the alarm would go off and she would apply. After a week, she didn’t need the alarm anymore! Hope this helps and thanks for the comment.

  1. Great info! I discovered dairy is a big problem for my skin. Boohoo….I love cheese. But it really doesn’t like me at all. Hydration is also invaluable, not just for your skin, but your entire body.

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