4 Items for a Festival-Inspired Outfit

BB41515Products listed: Shirt dress from Urban Outfitters ($64); Pendant headband from Forever 21 ($5.90); Cross-body bag from Target ($10); Birkenstocks from DSW ($99.95).

If you haven’t been keeping tabs on Coachella, the fashion is more unique than ever. With some interesting fashion choices from celebrities and die-hard festival fans, there’s always something to see.

Coachella has inspired me to create a festival-inspired look you can wear on an average day. Let’s be honest; I know you don’t want fringe-crazed outfits to wear, which is why I created a simple version for an everyday look. You’ll add bliss to your life knowing you can rock a festival look running errands or a relaxing day at a park. Here are my four must-have items:

Flowy dress:

Not everyone feels comfortable wearing crop tops and short shorts, which is why I decided to find a comfortable dress. This dress even looks soft in the pictures! With this staple piece in your wardrobe, you can pair scarves, cardigans and leggings when it’s not 80 degrees.

Fun headbands:

Ditch you flower crown for the day because you’ll probably get a few stares. Instead, find a headband that’s subtle yet attracts attention like this chained headband that lays on the back of your head. Bring out your inner festival fan with this bohemian-inspired accessory.

Quirky clutches:

I’ve been obsessed with fun, quirky clutches this year. If there is a cross-body bag in a unique shape, I want it. I think having one is a great conversation piece and shows off your free-spirited side. Find a bag that fits your essentials, and you’re good to go!

Comfy sandals:

Sandals that you can wear all day without your feet feeling sore is a good option for any occasion. Maybe you’re attending a graduation party or having a beach day with friends. Opt for neutral sandals that you can pair with any look.

What are your essentials to create a festival-inspired look? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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10 thoughts on “4 Items for a Festival-Inspired Outfit

  1. That chained headband looks gorgeous! I might have to try to DIY one. 😉 And one of my favorite things about Spring/Summer is the return of comfy dresses!

    • I think Forever 21 is great with versatility in their store. I don’t necessarily shop there much, but when I do, I find some unique items for a good price. Thanks for your comment!

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