21 Health Tips I’ve Learned Over 21 Years


Tomorrow is my 21st birthday. To tie in my birthday with my blog, I decided to share 21 health tips I learned over 21 years. Hopefully, you’ll gained some insight and bliss from what I’ve learned over the last (almost) 21 years.

1. Your worth is NOT determined by the number on a scale. Workout and eat well because you want to be fit, strong, and healthy, not to lose weight.

2. Sleep is your best friend. Don’t skip out on your 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. You need it and you deserve it.

3. Never underestimate strength training. Cardio is great, but strength training is where you see the most results overall.

4. You can’t out work a BAD diet. Eating balanced meals is important. Even more important than working out. Put the fries down.

5. It’s okay to treat yourself. You’ve been eating healthy all week, EAT THE CAKE. It’ll be fine, I promise.

6. Two words: interval training. Learn about. incorporate it into your fitness routine, and be amazed at your results.

7. Read more. It’s good for your brain and it’s an escape if you’re stressed. If you hate reading, learn to love it because it’s important.

8. Remove toxic relationships. Ditch the selfish “friends” who bring you down or who are negative. You deserve better.

9. Positive vibes=positive life. Ditch negative people (see 8) and don’t have negative thoughts. You’re responsible for your own happiness.

10. Explore nature. Go kayaking, hiking, biking, surfing. Whatever activity you can do outside in nature, do it. You won’t regret it.

11. Stretch/Yoga. It’s a relaxing way to end a long, busy day. You can also try meditation to calm your mind.

12. Protein=power. Have protein in each meal and you’ll feel full and energized. You’ll also snack less. What more could you ask for?

13. Workout 3-5 days a week. Whether you believe it or not, you DO have time for the gym. Schedule gym time on your calendar and show up!

14. Don’t skip meals. Ever. You’re only hurting yourself and your body. YES, this includes breakfast. No exceptions.

15. Give thanks. Write down what you’re thankful for every single day. It’ll change your perspective and energy in a positive way.

16. Don’t quit your daydream. Have a goal? GO FOR IT. Don’t do something you hate. Find your passion/bliss and do it every single day.

17. Don’t drink calories. Be mindful of alcohol, Starbucks drinks, juices and smoothies. Hidden calories lurk in these drinks.

18. Walk more. Take 30 minutes a day to walk outside. You’ll feel happier and healthier.

19. Love your veggies. Eat them raw, blend them, cook them, grill them. Just make sure you have a large variety every day.

20. Be kind. To everyone, even your enemies. You don’t know what a stranger is going through. Be the kind person in someone’s day.

21. Be yourself. You’re beautiful and you’re capable of anything. Remember that you deserve to feel happy and healthy.

Make sure to leave a comment below sharing your favorite health tips. Enjoy the weekend!

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