Lip Colors For Spring


I love when I can finally swap out my winter lip colors for my spring lip colors. It’s like packing away all your thick sweaters and bringing out your skirts for the season; it’s both refreshing and exciting. I decided to share my top four lip colors I’ve been wearing for spring so far. If you’re not sure what colors you should be wearing this season, keep reading to add a little bliss to your makeup routine.

1. Estēe Lauder pure color lip gloss (shade Peach Glass):

I love peach hues on my lips for spring. It’s subtle if you prefer natural makeup with little effort. I’d definitely recommend Estēe Lauder lip glosses because of the quality.

2. Elizabeth Arden beautiful color lip gloss (shade Red Door Red):

Red gloss is for winter; but I make this color work for spring by pairing it with light-pink lipsticks. I love how hydrating and pigmented it is for spring. Just match it with light colors.

3. Kiko Makeup Milano lipstick (shade 911):

My go-to product is from Kiko, which I bought in Italy. I love that this is the perfect shade for spring and summer. It’s a light pink, but you can build it up for a bolder and brighter lip.

4. Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain (shade Lovesick):

When I need a product that will last all day, I use this lip product. The color is rich and vibrant for spring and summer. If you prefer a bold color, I would definitely recommend this product.

What are your favorite lip colors for spring? Make sure to leave a comment below with your favorite products listed!

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