Fashion Essentials For Finals Week

BB42215Any college student will tell you that finals week isn’t the best week of the year. With tests to study for, essays to complete, and a room filled with things to pack, it’s a stressful time. While in the midst of packing, make sure to leave these three essentials out to wear during your last week at school. You’ll add some bliss to your life, and you will have one less thing to stress about so you can ace those finals. Here are my top three items you should wear during finals week:

Comfortable T-shirts:

I don’t know one person who doesn’t love plain, baggy T-shirts. They can be worn with anything and you won’t worry about feeling too warm while taking an exam. If you tend to feel cold, pair a lightweight cardigan over your shirt.

Canvas shoes:

Canvas shoes are comfortable; and you can pair them with different looks. If you want to dress down a skirt, pair canvas shoes with them. Or, if you’re into the shorts and T-shirt combo, you can wear them, too. Canvas shoes are very versatile and perfect for finals week.

Soft shorts:

Elastic waistbands are my BFF. Why would you ever choose denim over loose, soft shorts? If you’re someone who loves comfortable clothing, you need these in your life for finals and any other day of the year. I love that they’re still dressy even though they’re shorts.

What fashion essentials do you wear during finals week? Make sure to leave a comment below, or tweet me @BlissBrunette!

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6 thoughts on “Fashion Essentials For Finals Week

  1. Great post! I was especially fond of big t-shirts with Nike track shorts, as most of my friends and sorority sisters were. However, my feet are kind of big (size 9 or 10), so I’ve always felt like canvas shoes made them look bigger. I’m dying for a pair of Chucks!

    • I have a size 8.5, so my feet are a little bigger. I normally don’t let it bother me because I love the shoes so much, haha! And yes, I feel like big shirts and Nike shorts are any girl’s staple in spring and summer! Thanks so much for the comment.

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