Fear of the Future


May is just around the corner, which means that if you’re a senior in high school or college, you know the dreaded G-word is near. If you’re still in college or high school, maybe you’re looking for a summer internship or job to apply for. If you’re out of college, maybe you want to try a new career path. We all fear the unknown. We aren’t sure of what the next step is whether it’s graduate school or to live abroad for a year. I hope to share a little insight and a lot of bliss because fearing the unknown is challenging. But, remember that you’re not alone and you can overcome this.

I’m in a position where I’m not sure what will come next. Yes, I do plan to complete my Master’s by next March, but as far as a job or where I should go after school, I’m lost. Oftentimes, I find myself planning these scenarios about where I should move and what career I should pursue. As you can imagine, it’s exhausting to spend your time worrying about life that’s months away.

First, take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back; whether you’re graduating, moving to a new state, applying for a new job or beginning a new business, you are taking a risk in life. Your bravery and confidence should be celebrated.

Next, remember it’s okay to not have everything figure out. If you’re three weeks away from graduating college and you don’t have a full-time job or you’re unsure of if you should go to grad school, it’s okay. There is no rush. Yes, it’s good to have a plan, but it’s not okay to have a plan that you’re not 100 percent committed to. Don’t apply for a job you’ll hate just because you’ll make $18 an hour. You should take the time to research and find what you’re passionate about before you apply for a job.

If you’re not in college, but you are experiencing a change in your career or beginning your own business, remember that you can do this. Don’t waste time thinking of what could go wrong and focus on everything that could go right. Clearly, you’ve found a career or idea you love and are passionate about, so put all your time and energy into it and do the best you can. With positive energy, you will only succeed.

Finally, remember that you’re not alone. Yes, graduation, new careers and new places are terrifying, but don’t be afraid of the future. Life is about adventure; and you deserve to enjoy every second of it.

Are you experiencing a big change in life? Make sure to leave a comment below with how you deal with the fear of the unknown.

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8 thoughts on “Fear of the Future

  1. the future can be scary, but it can be exciting too! Try not to worry too much – in my experience, things have a way of working themselves out even when you think they won’t; ♥

  2. I just graduated uni, even though my last class was six months ago, and I turned down a job in my field for something completely different. I’m not sorry I did it, my work has its ups and downs and I still freelance when I can.
    It’s important to think about things but it’s also important to do things and do what your gut tells you.

    • Congratulations on your graduation! And yes, even though you decided to take a different career out of your field, that doesn’t mean it was a bad decision. Props to you for taking a risk and feeling confident about your choice! Thanks so much for sharing.

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