5 Inexpensive Beauty Hacks


We all have mornings where we want a few extra minutes of rest, and we realize we are running late. Or, you’re trying to save money on beauty products because (let’s be honest) they are expensive. Whether you’re having a lazy day or you’re trying to save some money, here are five beauty hacks you need in your life right now:

1. Don’t want to wash your hair, but you don’t have dry shampoo?

Try baby powder: I prefer to use baby powder over dry shampoo sometimes. It adds a ton of volume to your locks and baby powder ALWAYS smells good. Simply dab some in the oily parts of your hair. Plus, you’ll save money not spending $5 on a small bottle of dry shampoo.

2. Don’t want to spend $15 on a lip-plumping serum for your lips?

Try peppermint oil: Peppermint has natural, lip-plumping properties. Have you ever used a mint, menthol lip balm and your lips feel tingly? That’s due to the essential oils. Apply some drop of this oil in your lip gloss (or a homemade scrub) and you’ll have luscious lips.

3. Want your lips to have a matte finish without spending money on MAC products?

Use concealer: Apply concealer on your lips before applying your lipstick. If it has a glossy finish, the concealer will help to create a matte finish. Instead of going out and spending money on a high-end MAC product, you can use what you own to achieve the same look!

4. Need dry hair, but don’t want to use a hairdryer?

Try a T-shirt: Hear me out. Wrapping your hair in a T-shirt will not only dry it faster, but also it will help your hair from damages. Towels pull on the roots of your hair, which causes breakage. T-shirts are safer and healthier than heat or towels.

5. Trying to fight under-eye puffiness?

Put spoons in the fridge: If you don’t want to spend money on under eye products that fight puffiness, place two metal spoons in the fridge before bed. When you wake up in the morning, place the spoons under your eyes. This will reduce swelling instantly.

What are your inexpensive, lazy girl beauty hacks? Make sure to leave a comment below telling me what trick is your favorite!

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16 thoughts on “5 Inexpensive Beauty Hacks

  1. Love this! Such handy tips. I’ve always used baby powder in my hair when it’s greasy and not that many people seem to know about it – it’s so much cheaper than dry shampoo too. I’m going to try the spoon in fridge trick too as my eyes need some TLC at the moment!

    Beth x

    Bethany Georgina

    • I feel like baby powder doesn’t give the love it deserves. It is so much cheaper and gives better results (I think). And yes, try the spoon trick and let me know how it goes. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Great tips! I had a situation last week where I needed dry shampoo (aka not enough time to shower…) but didn’t have any because I was on holiday. I really wish I knew about the baby powder trick then! I ended up walking around with not great looking hair, seriously debating going into a drugstore to ‘test’ dry shampoos…
    Ivory Avenue

  3. I’ve heard of using baby powder as dry shampoo, but I’ve never tried it before. I’m nervous to do so because my hair is SO dark. I feel like it’s going to leave a lot of light-colored residue!

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