Why Your Weight Shouldn’t Matter


I always hear one particular motivation for going to the gym. Most people want to lose weight (i.e. weigh less when they step on a scale). This is the worst motivation for wanting to go to the gym. Hopefully, you’ll gain some insight (and bliss) as to why you shouldn’t care about the number on the scale.

Why weight doesn’t matter:

I know women who are 5’7″ tall and weigh 135 pounds, but are completely out of shape. You would think being the perfect size means that you’re fit and healthy. This is simply not the case. I know women who are 5’3″ and weigh 160 pounds, and are in the best shape of their lives. You can’t associate someone’s weight with their health (in some cases). Of course, if someone is 200 pounds overweight, then it’s a problem. But in the case of people who regularly go to the gym and have a healthy diet, there is no room to judge. All bodies are different.

How do you overcome this misconception:

Don’t go to the gym to lose weight. In fact, don’t weigh yourself on a regular basis. Let’s be honest, the last time I weighed myself was in October, and I have no intentions on stepping on the scale. Why? Because I know that I am fit, healthier and happier than I was in October. For me, that is what matters and not the number on a scale.

What does matter:

It matters how you feel about yourself when working out regularly. It matters how fit and healthy you are. Anyone can lose 25 pounds, but not everyone can lift, train and continuously better their own bodies. It takes time, patience and dedication, but it’s worth it. It also matters how you look. You might lose inches instead of pounds, but inches are more important when trying on clothes. You’ll feel more confident, which matters more than your weight.

I hope this post helped anyone who feels discouraged about their progress. Not everyone’s progress is the same. Don’t focus on weight, focus on how you feel.

Do you struggle with the number on the scale? Share your story and insights below in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Why Your Weight Shouldn’t Matter

  1. I love this! Sometimes watching the number drop is nice, especially when you know there are pounds that need to go. I take my weight loss cues from my mom, though, who never weighed when she was trying to lose weight or get healthy. She always judged her success by her energy level, the way her clothes fit, and what she saw in the mirror.

    • Yes! It is nice to see a change in your weight, but think of it this way…if you’re noticing that your clothes fit better or you drop a size that means you’re losing weight, too, which is why I don’t really look at the scale ever, haha. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I know that by any medical standard I’m noticeably underweight–but you’re right, health is not about a precise number of pounds–it’s about being strong enough to handle what you need to handle. I’m no athlete, but I’m proud that my too-small body can handle the rigors of everyday life here (because life in China is more physically demanding than my lifestyle in America ever was), and I know I’m in the best shape of my life right now although I haven’t gained or lost weight in years, probably.

    • I love that you shared about being underweight because people assume that this post applies to people who are trying to lose weight when in reality every body type can (and should) focus on health, energy and capabilities instead of a number. Thank you so much for your comment!

  3. This is an interesting perspective. For me, weight actually does matter because of my knee replacement. I have to monitor my weight because my replacement is not built to handle over a certain weight. And, for me, my weight does reflect how I’m taking care of my body-when I eat crap, it goes up and when I work out, it goes down. I like stepping on a scale and seeing the number goes down because it is proof that my efforts are working for me!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your perspective! I appreciate that because some people with injuries do need to be more conscious. My personal perspective was to show that you should always love your body and treat it well with exercise, healthy food and rest. As long as you’re doing that and not just looking to get down to a “dream weight” then I believe it’s perfectly okay to monitor yourself. Thank you again for the comment!

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