Fashion Wish List: May

BB5615Items Listed: Bag from Target ($26.99); Jeans from Ann Taylor Loft ($59.50); Kimono from Express ($59.50) and Romper from Francesca’s ($44).

In the middle of spring, it’s natural to want new items to wear for the upcoming months. I’m listing my current fashion wish list. Hopefully, you’ll feel inspired to revamp your wardrobe for spring and summer. Here’s what I’m loving:

Colorful Bags:

I own two cross-body bags: one black and the other brown. I don’t have any bold, colorful bags to wear for spring and summer, which is perfect for this time of year. Target has a ton of options for inexpensive bags that are also in bright colors.

White Denim:

I’ve been longing of the day where I find the perfect pair of white denim. And I’m happy to say I’ve found a pair at Ann Taylor Loft. What I love about these is that they’re straight ankle cut and not jeggings. I want a pair that’s loose-fitting for spring and summer.

Crochet Kimonos:

Even though these have been popular for awhile now, I still don’t own one. I like the idea of having an all-black kimono with a crochet detailing because it’s perfect for outdoor concerts and trips to the beach. Essentially, this kimono screams spring and summer.


I owned a few rompers back in high school. Now that I’ve officially grown out of them, it’s time for some new ones. I love this black romper with crochet detailing. It’s sleek and classy enough to wear out and feel like you’re dressed up, but you’re secretly comfortable.

I hope you all found this list to be inspiring and get you in the mood for spring and summer. What is on your fashion wish list for this month? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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9 thoughts on “Fashion Wish List: May

  1. On my wish list is definitely a cute romper and a crochet kimono too! I’ve been looking for them both for a while and I’m determined to find me both of them before summer starts.

  2. I love rompers – they are the epitome of comfort, especially in the warmer seasons! I also agree that white denim is a must (along with bleach to clean them if you are me – I always seem to get something on my white jeans EVERY time!)

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