Whimsical Whites

BB51315Products listed: skirt from Nordstrom; bag from Nordstrom; sandals from DSW; jeans from Ann Taylor loft; top from ModCloth.

Spring and summer are seasons for bold, bright colors, which everyone loves. Sometimes, it’s nice to change your look with classic, crisp colors like white. Currently, I’m loving white everything for spring and summer from skirts to sandals.

What I love about white is that it’s a versatile option for any occasion. With one white piece in your outfit, you can easily transform your look. White also looks incredible with a tan because it stands out against your skin.

Some white items I’m looking to add to my closet are: a white midi skirt, cross-body bag, sandals, jeans and a crochet top. With these five items, it’s easy to create very different looks. Or, if you’re feeling daring, you can create an all-white outfit with these five items.

If you’re looking to add some classic features to your wardrobe for spring and summer, try white whether you’re wearing a white dress or white shoes. You’ll stand out in a sea of bright, patterned clothes.

What is your favorite white item in your closet right now? What white clothing do you want to add for spring and summer? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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