OOTD: The Modest Midi

KC4 KC5 KC1 KC3 KC6 KC2Goodbye mini skirts and hello to (modest) midi skirts. I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical about the midi skirt when it began booming in popularity. I thought, “I could never pull that off.” But once I stumbled across this beautiful skirt from Francesca’s, it was love at first sight.

Gorgeous colors paired with intricate patterns creates a stunning, eye-catching skirt. Although the colors are very specific, I think this skirt is very versatile, which is why I love it even more. It’s perfect for spring and summer whether I’m wearing it for a senior banquet or a graduation party.

If you’re still skeptical about the midi skirt, fear not! Remember, you CAN pull of this trend. All you need is a little confidence. Get ready to meet your new best friend for spring and summer. The midi skirt is here to stay.

Photos taken by Danny Bush

Skirt from Francesca’s | Top from Garage | Sandals from DSW


8 thoughts on “OOTD: The Modest Midi

  1. So I had never heard of Francesca’s until a few days ago, when I walked by one at the outlet mall. I looked in the window and said to my sister-in-law, “I could find a lot of cute stuff in there”. But we didn’t go in. Now, I see this post and this skirt that I am absolutely in love with (and that I think, thanks to you, I maybe could pull off), and I’m suddenly planning a trip back to that store. Thank you!

  2. LOVE that this is becoming a trend; I’m so over mini skirts. I’ve always tried to wear skirts that hit my knee or lower because I don’t need to catch a cold or leave little to other’s imagination!

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