Top 10 Tips For Perfect Skin


Everyone wants flawless, model-worthy skin. But what tips are most important to help your skin? I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 tips to achieve perfect skin. You’ll add bliss to your life knowing you’ve found the right information on keeping your skin clear and clean.

Put the right food on your face:

DIY beauty is great because it’s inexpensive and effective. However, if you’re putting the wrong ingredients on your face, you won’t be helping your skin. Make sure you read and research what foods you should put on your skin for best results.

Never skip moisturizer:

Find a day moisturizer, a night moisturizer and use them religiously. Never skip on moisturizer even if you have oily skin. Your skin thinks you’re lacking oil and it will produce more oils, which can cause breakouts. A little goes a long way.

Know your skin type:

If you have oily skin, but you’re using products for dry skin, you’re not helping your skin. Make sure you know your skin type and buy the right products. This will make a huge difference in your skin care routine and how your skin looks overall.


Some people are intimidated about exfoliation, but it’s great in moderation. Once a week, exfoliate your entire body including your face. This will remove dead skin cells and brighten your skin. You’ll notice your skin shining all week long.

Skip the tanning bed:

This tip is obvious. Aside from getting skin cancer, tanning also causes premature wrinkles and can cause aging. It’s okay to have a beach day (if you’re wearing proper SPF) but don’t go to the tanning bed. This doesn’t help your skin in any way.

Get your beauty rest:

There’s a reason they call it “beauty” rest. Sleep helps restore your entire body including your skin. If you’re sleeping around 7 to 8 hours a night, you’re helping your skin restore itself. Don’t be afraid of extra rest for beauty health and physical health.

Wash your face (no excuses):

If you don’t remove your makeup or wash your face every morning and night, you’re breaking the cardinal skin care rule. You need to wash your face twice a day, everyday. No excuses. This removes bacteria, which decreases chances of acne problems.

Eat a balanced diet:

The food you put into your system also affects your skin. You can find a list of foods that benefit your skin. Make sure you’re eating fresh fruits, veggies in addition to healthy fats (like avocados). This will help your overall health including your skin.

Don’t be afraid to sweat:

Working out is not only beneficial for your physical, mental and emotional health, but it’s also good for your skin. Sweating removes toxins from your body. As long as you’re washing your face regularly, sweating will decrease your risk in breakouts, redness and other skin problems.

Water is your best friend:

I put this tip last because I want it to stick with you. You need to hydrate properly every single day. Aim for eight glasses of eight ounces of water. This flushes out toxins in your system and help keep skin glowing bright and get rid of acne, redness, etc.

Do you have have any tips to add to the list? What tips are your favorite? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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16 thoughts on “Top 10 Tips For Perfect Skin

  1. Great tips! Definitely keeping yourself hydrated and taking the makeup off at the end of the day!!
    I would say, If you do use hands make sure they are clean + brushes, sponges or beauty puffs to apply makeup on. Make sure all your beauty tools are up to date on their cleaning too! Especially if you do a lot of touch ups during the day xxx

    • Yes! That’s an awesome suggestion. Sometimes we forget how often we use products and those need to be cleaned regularly. It could cause breakouts, etc. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Excellent tips! I honestly didn’t realize I needed to moisturize at night, but your point makes great sense. Now I’m off to find a nighttime moisterizer…

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