Rejuvenating June: Series Post 2


When you hear the phrase “clean out your life,” it seems intimidating on the surface. What does that even mean? Why will this help you? How will this make you rejuvenated and blissful?

First, cleaning out your life isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept. It can mean something different for everyone. I clearly didn’t coin this term, but I have used it frequently for the past few years, and I’ve noticed people have no idea what I’m talking about when I say this.

Cleaning out your life from my perspective means to: simplify, organize, plan and change different aspects of your life. Similar to a new beginning. When I want to clean out my life, I want to simplify my space, donate items I don’t need anymore, organize everything there is to organize (closets, new planner for blogging and work, etc.) plan my short-term and long-term goals (and check my progress on previous goals) and change anything I feel that needs to be changed. Most people try this in January for the new year or in April/May for spring cleaning. But the point is that you don’t need a specific month to accomplish these things. It should be done when you feel it’s most needed.

That is a basic overview of my version of cleaning out my life. It’s a way for me to go through everything and know that I have clarity in my life. Think about it: you’ll have an organized planner, a list of goals you’re working toward, and a clean, minimal wardrobe and space.

So, why should you clean out your life?

Since it’s a month for rejuvenation, cleaning out your life seems like the perfect opportunity to prepare yourself for the upcoming months and feel stress free. It’s also good to take inventory (of everything). Check your closets, cabinets, cupboards, etc. and weed out old items you don’t need and toss them or donate them. Set aside 20 minutes to lay out your goals for the rest of 2015 and goals for 2016. Create a new diet and fitness routine. You can even make a five-year plan. Give yourself a little time each day for a week to complete all you want to do.

After you’re done simplifying, planning and organizing, it’s time to check in with yourself. How do you feel after? Do you find organizing therapeutic? (I know I do.) Does simplifying ease your stress? This is the important part: reflection. Write down how this time helped you to create a fresh start for yourself.

Have you ever “cleaned out your life?” was it a helpful, positive experience? Make sure to share your comments below!

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