Beauty: Be your own kind of beautiful


I’m writing another blog post that was inspired when I wasn’t thinking about blogging at all. I’ve realized this is when I write based on passion instead of forcing creativity.

I stumbled across an Instagram account where the girl (keeping identity private) had a decent following. Her photos and videos were of her doing her makeup. I thought they were all stunning and unique. I appreciate when anyone has the guts to put themselves out there to the world.

Of course, everyone does their makeup differently; and I noticed people were leaving rude comments about how she was doing her makeup. Some comments included: “You’re only wearing so much makeup because you have no confidence” and “Real women aren’t afraid of showing their natural beauty.”

I was astounded.

I know there are mean people in the world, but there’s something that needs to be addressed here. Any individual should be able to do (or not do) whatever they want with their body. In this example, women who don’t wear makeup are just as beautiful as women who do wear makeup. Whether or not someone does their makeup should not define how beautiful they are.

This also goes back to a topic that has been discussed about frequently: women hating on other women. Women have it hard enough. We are constantly dealing with beauty standards and diminishing our self-esteem. Instead of tearing each other down, we need to lift each other up and be kind. We are in this together.

Let’s be honest; we are all different. And while some of us prefer to wear a face full of makeup everyday, some of us don’t. Some of us prefer to have tattoos, and some of us don’t. Some of us like to color our hair differently every month, and some of us have never colored our hair before. Regardless of what the scenario is, beauty isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept.

Every woman (and human being in general) deserves to feel beautiful in their own way. If you don’t have a similar taste, that’s okay. It’s just like clothing: we all have different styles, but one style isn’t better than the other.

Remember to be your own kind of beautiful; regardless of how you may define the word “beautiful.” You are worthy of expressing yourself and worthy of a life where you feel confident in your own skin.

How do you feel beautiful? What does beautiful mean to you? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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28 thoughts on “Beauty: Be your own kind of beautiful

  1. It’s sad that women still put each other down so much. I wear 40’s-60’s fashion and some women are rude about that and say it’s setting women back. How? No one is forcing me to dress like this and I’m not asking others to. We need to be lifting each other up and celebrating our differences. The world would be boring if we were all the same.

    • Girl, feel free to wear whatever style of clothing you prefer. You deserve to feel confident regardless of how you dress. Love your comment–so inspiring! Thanks for the comment. 🙂

    • Yes! That video is a wonderful example of how beautiful all women are no matter how much makeup is on our faces. We should be able to make our own choices for ourselves without being shamed by other women. That’s why we are all in this together! Thank you for sharing this video and for your comment!

  2. There’s a book that I’ve been recently introduced to called “The Beauty Myth” by Naomi Wolf. She covers allot of this and other topics in a well written manner.

    I am so sadden by societies women to tear each other down. Beautiful post

  3. This is so interesting! I honestly love makeup but I always feel more comfortable without it. I’d rather be content with myself instead of listening to others comments!

    • I definitely know where you’re coming from. Overall, I do wear the basics (mascara, concealer and filled in brows) but I don’t think that makes me more or less beautiful than someone who wear a full face of makeup. Thanks so much for your comment.

  4. I sometimes fall into the trap of bashing the way another woman dresses or looks. Sadly, it’s so ingrained in our culture! It’s a personal goal of mine to rid myself of this habit.

  5. I wear make-up because it makes me feel good not in I need it to feel confident type of way. Every now and then I like getting dolled up. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I always try to remember that each of us our different. Though styles I don’t like or agree with, I always tend to admit to myself that it may look good on her just not on me. What makes us different is what makes us beautiful.

  6. It’s so sad that people think it’s ok to anything rude, mean, or discouraging to others on social media. I mean, if they were standing face to face with the person, would they still be so harsh? Anyway, I feel most beautiful when I am happy, because I smile when I’m happy. And I look most beautiful when I’m smiling!

    Thanks for this post!

    • YES! You definitely hit the nail on the head with this comment. Smiling, happiness, etc. makes us all beautiful. So glad to hear such wonderful words. Thank you for the comment!

  7. Such a good post, girl! And unfortunately, it’s so true. Like, why can’t we all just be nice and supportive of one another?! The world is hard enough without us women ganging up on each other. Thanks for sharing this, and for shedding light on this issue. You rock! xoxox, Kayla

    • Thanks so much for the encouraging words. I think it’s best that we talk about these things instead of avoiding the conversation altogether. Thanks so much for your comment, it’s truly appreciated.

  8. I love this blog post!! I think it’s so true, women can and should feel beautiful no matter what!!! Your question is , how do you feel beautiful… I would say I feel beautiful when I’m around my husband. He is so sweet and always makes me feel pretty, even when I don’t have makeup on.

    Danielle Greco

    • YES! Your response is wonderful, Danielle! We all feel beautiful in different ways and with certain people. It’s so great knowing you have someone who makes you feel that way. Thanks so much for your comment.

  9. Great post! I’ve made it a priority to do my best not to judge others. I’ve also noticed it does wonders to compliment others – it really seems to open the door to conversation and friendship.

    • I definitely agree with you, Erin! Instead of tearing each other down, let’s compliment each other and build each other up! Great advice for people out there. Thanks so much for your kind words and comments!

  10. I LOVE that you wrote this. You are absolutely right and I’m like you…I hate when I see people treating other people unkindly. I’m popping over from the Peony Project today and I am so glad that I did. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your kind words; I truly appreciate them! And yes, words can hurt so it’s important that we realize this and change it. Always lift people up instead of tearing them down. Thanks for your comment.

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