WHAT TO WEAR: Work (Summer Edition)

BB61715Items Mentioned: White Dress; Mint Tunic; Blue Top; Patterned Blazer; Full Skirt.

Let’s be honest; warm weather doesn’t last forever (especially in Western New York) so you might not want to spend money on clothes you can only wear for five months of the year. But for work, there are some key essentials for summer wardrobe. The best part is you can incorporate these pieces into your work wardrobe for spring and fall.

The (not so little) White Dress:
I love white dresses for summer. They’re versatile in the workplace, especially when wearing blazers. They’re also great if you love wearing bright-colored accessories. Whether you want to dress this item up or down in the office, a white dress will allow you do accomplish this with ease.

The Tunic:

Tunics are underrated. Why? Because you can buy several tunics and none of them will be exactly the same, which is ample opportunity to maximize your closet for work attire. Pair them with pants or skirts for a casual, but business-appropriate look.

Plenty of Popovers:

Fitted clothing is out for summer. Opt for a twist on the classic button-down shirt with a popover. Instead of buttoning all the way down, they go mid length. They’re also loose-fitting, so you won’t feel uncomfortable during the day.

Bold Blazers:

Who said black blazers are the only option for work? Summer is the perfect excuse to go out and treat yourself to one or two vibrant blazers. Just make sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple with neutral colors, so the blazer acts as your statement piece.

Full Skirts:

It’s important to own a vast collection of skirts. Some days, you don’t want to wear your go-to tailored pants and blazer combo. Keep a collection of full skirts in your wardrobe in neutral colors like navy, black, grey and white. You can easily pair patterned tops and bold colors with this neutral base.

What work-appropriate pieces are essential for you during summer? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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4 thoughts on “WHAT TO WEAR: Work (Summer Edition)

  1. I just started a job where I have to where nicer clothing and it’s been pretty fun piecing together things I already have into something work appropriate. I love these suggestions because you can wear them multiple ways; with a skirt/pants/sweater/etc. Thanks for sharing!

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