Rejuvenating June: Series Post 3


A cleanse sounds like an intimidating word, but it’s not. A common misconception is that only celebrities can do cleanses. Another misconception about cleanses is that they’re unhealthy. These are both not true.

What is true about a cleanse? First, it can transform your body in a positive way. My goal is to shed light and bliss on the topic of cleanses; and help you overcome your anxiety about trying one. A two-week cleanse will help rejuvenate your life. Before you decide to begin a cleanse, make sure to check with a doctor to see if doing a cleanse or detox is a good option for your health.

So what is a cleanse?

A cleanse is a period of time where you are trying to get your system (body) in order. If you’re feeling bloated, fatigued, stressed, irritable and have low energy, you need a cleanse. Cleanses can be categorized as a juice cleanse or a tea cleanse. These are most popular. One isn’t necessarily better than the other. It’s all about what your preference is and what you can commit to.

What are the benefits of a cleanse?

For most people who complete a 14-day or 28-day cleanse can see results including: weight lose, increased metabolism, cleansed system, detoxified body, suppressed appetite and increased energy levels. Cleanses are great because they’re not meant to be done all-year long.

How often should you cleanse?

I think once a season (four times a year) is the most you should cleanse. Why? Because you’re giving your body the upkeep it needs without overdoing it. If you compete a cleanse for 28 days, four times a year, that’s 112 days of the year. I promise, you can commit to it. Or, you can complete two 14-day cleanses and two 28-day cleanses each year. There is no magic formula. It’s all about what you’re comfortable with.

How will this help me in the long run?

First, you’re going to clean out any of the bad stuff in your system. Second, when you’re on a cleanse, you’re most likely to pick up additional healthy habits such as exercising more and eating healthier. This will all come naturally when doing a cleanse. Also, you’ll feel less irritable and more energized, which can help increase your overall productivity throughout the year.

So, to cleanse or not to cleanse?

This is entirely up to you, but I can promise that whether you do a juice cleanse or a tea cleanse, you’ll see results in your health overall in addition to your happiness. Why not add a little bliss to your life?

Have you ever done a cleanse? Leave your comments and results below! If you haven’t, would you consider trying it?

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4 thoughts on “Rejuvenating June: Series Post 3

  1. I’ve never done a juice or tea cleanse before, but I’m all for trying one! I’ve done “food cleanses” before where you eliminate certain foods from your diet in hopes that it helps with a certain issue. There are so many different ones to try!


    • I personally love a tea cleanse. Essentially, you drink tea before your meals and it helps with digestion. A juice cleanse is where you replace meals with juices. The juices are packed high with several servings of fruits and vegetables and protein, so you aren’t lacking in your nutrients and vitamins. If you want more information on cleanses I recommend, feel free to let me know. Thanks so much for your comment.

  2. In my opinion, cleanses are a good way to reset your diet and add more healthy habits, but you can do the same thing by eating clean. Contrary to popular belief, your body detoxes and “cleanses” itself just fine all on it’s own. That’s the exact function of your liver and kidneys is to filter out the bad stuff.

    • I definitely agree. However, I’ve noticed that when people are given a specific regimen (for example in a tea cleanse, they’re more apt to stick with their healthy habits even after they finish the cleanse). I’ve heard from friends and other bloggers that even if they’re eating clean, if they mess up and have a bad day with food is when they give up and return to old habits. Of course, everyone is different so it depends on the person. Some people might need that extra effort of a juice cleanse or tea cleanse to keep themselves in check. Thanks so much for your insight on this!

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