How to: Develop your personal style


Maybe you’re reconsidering how you define your style, or you have never defined your style at all. It’s okay to feel confused on how to define and create your style in your wardrobe. This post will add some insight on how to find and develop your best style. You’ll add some bliss to your life knowing you can confidently strut the streets and shop with your style in mind.

Take time to find inspiration:

Yes, I’m giving you permission to buy magazines or spend hours on Pinterest and Instagram. Search different style inspiration outfits based on things you like. If you love coastal, nautical themes, search them online to understand the idea of that style.

Try something completely new:

If you’ve always based your outfits on current trends, opt for buying pieces that are classic and timeless. Or if you only stick with black and white clothing, try bright neon colors. It’s okay to experiment and play with your clothes. You might find something new you love.

Don’t confine yourself to one style:

Don’t feel like you need have all your clothes be striped, navy blue or white with anchors on them. You can develop your style without having your entire closet be uniformed. Keep in mind the different colors and trends you can incorporate to complement your style.

But have an idea of what fits into your style:

If you know what does and doesn’t fit into your personal style, you won’t worry about excessive shopping because you’ll stick to what works best in your style. If you love feminine pieces, you might not be a fan of Bermuda shorts and a polo. It’s okay to branch out, but know what will work and not work.

Clean out your closet:

Okay, so now you have an idea of what you like and don’t like in your style. Now, it’s time to make it official by cleaning out your closet of anything that doesn’t fit into your newly discovered style. Take out anything old, torn or doesn’t express your personal style.

Build the basic pieces and colors:

Your style is “bohemian chic,” now you have to find go-to pieces and colors you’ll wear regularly. Choose three staple colors (in this example: brown, white and blue) then piece one or two accent colors (purple and red) to mix. Find clothing that fits the style and color combinations you’ve decided.

What if you want to change your style:

You shouldn’t want to keep one style forever. Change is a natural part of life. As your grow older, your personal style may change several times. You might love bohemian chic for a few years then change to classic and chic. That’s okay. The point is for your style is to be a reflection of you.

How do you define your personal style? Are you trying to redefine your style? Make sure to leave a comment below!

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6 thoughts on “How to: Develop your personal style

  1. I am currently rebuilding my wardrobe after finally finding my personal style. It’s not very conventional but I love it. I wear mostly 1950’s fashion (some truly vintage and some vintage reproductions) with some 40’s and 60’s thrown in. Some may think it’s weird but it makes me happy.

    • Any style is a wonderful style to have because it reflects you and what you love. This time period is based on classic and feminine style, which I personally love also. Thanks so much for your insight.

  2. Great post, girl! Love that you mention that we don’t have to confine ourselves to one particular style. I have so many different moods, so I like to be able to dress according to how I’m feeling. I might be feeling super preppy one day, but a little more hipster the next. No need to limit yourself! Thanks for the advice here! xoxo, Kayla

    • Yes! We should be able to change our style whenever we feel it’s necessary. No need to confine to one particular style for the rest of your life. Variety is the spice of life. Thanks so much for your comment!

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