Feeling more confident [despite your flaws]


We all have features we don’t like about ourselves. I’ve always had a big nose (long story short: I broke my nose by running into a medal bird bath) and I used to be self-conscious about it. I wouldn’t take pictures because I thought everyone would make fun of my nose. I also have Keratosis Pilaris on my arms, which are small, red bumps on your skin caused by a build-up of keratin. I would hate wearing sleeveless tops because I thought everyone saw the bumps.

We all have imperfections we don’t like, but I don’t think we should focus on our flaws and allow them to hold us back from anything.I spent years trying to perfect how I looked so people wouldn’t notice my nose. I would cover my arms in long-sleeve tops in the middle of summer. I was only concerned with whether or not people would see my flaws.

The truth is, no one has ever noticed my arms. When I meet friends and I finally said something about my nose, arms, etc., they would say “I’ve never even noticed the bumps on your arms.” Or, “I don’t think your nose is big at all.”

Of course, maybe they’re just trying to be nice; but the reality is that you see your own flaws a lot more than a stranger or friend. You might think everyone notices an imperfection, but they might never know until you bring it up.

So why are we so harsh on ourselves; and how can we become more confident with our ourselves despite the features we don’t like about ourselves? Here are a few tips to add some bliss in your life [regardless of your imperfections]. Feeling confident is important and we need to remember that.

Think about how you present yourself:

Smile more often. Fix your posture and walk properly. Whatever you need to do to give yourself a small confidence boost—do it. It will not only help with your self-esteem, but people will perceive you positively. You’ll build confidence with ease with minimal effort.

Know your worth:

Repeat after me: you are worthy of living a life of happiness. Don’t let your flaws or weaknesses hold you back. Don’t seek approval from other people. The only person you need to please is yourself. You will always be worthy and you will always be enough. Never think otherwise.

Find mental strength:

Even if you’re confident and comfortable with yourself, it’s difficult to stay mentally strong in a world where women are taught to attain certain standards of beauty. However you find mental strength, make sure it’s part of your daily life like writing or talking with a friend.

I hope you feel more blissful knowing you can feel confident even with features you don’t necessarily love. Remember that you’re beautiful and your imperfections are part of that beauty.

What features are you self-conscious about? Make sure to share your thoughts below!

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4 thoughts on “Feeling more confident [despite your flaws]

  1. Women struggle with comparison so much and I can definitely relate to this post. I focused on my “imperfections” a lot but as I matured I realized that even if people noticed these flaws they were part of me and I should embrace it. Thanks for sharing such an inspirational post!

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I definitely agree (unfortunately) women do struggle with comparison and that doesn’t help our confidence. Instead of hating our imperfections, we should celebrate them because they’re part of who we are.

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